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Faculty of Science


Crown University

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The experimentation and application of research to find the truth.

Mathematic strands available in Applied Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and pure Mathematics. Understand the history, philosophy and sociology of Mathematics. Whether studying Abstract Algebra, Statistical Inference or Regression Analysis Methods, you can be sure you will receive the knowledge necessary for careers in Mathematics.

* Masters Outline *

Probabilistic Methods and Measure Theory
Functional Analysis
Functional Analysis
Advanced Algebra
Actuarial Sciences
Research in Mathematics Education
Number Theory and Cryptography
Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory
Markov Chains and Markov Processes

* Doctorate Outline *

Abstract Algebra I
Numerical Approximation Theory
Iterative Methods for Systems of Equations
Differential Geometry I
Differential Geometry II
Calculus of Variations
Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics
Enumerative Combinatorics
Special Functions of Higher Mathematics
Integral Equations and Transforms
Algebraic Geometry I
Algebraic Geometry II
Fractal Geometry
Complex Analysis
Real Analysis

* Doctorate Outline *
(Focus: Financial Mathematics)

Artificial Intelligence
Adv. Image Analysis Techniques
Mathematical Methods in Artificial Intelligence
Stochastic Analysis
Pattern Recognition
Adv. Database Systems
Optimization Methods for Finance
Research Methods in Financial Mathematics
Securities Markets Microstructure
Financial Derivatives
Computations in Finance
Financial Econometrics
Discrete Time Finance
Continuous Time Finance
Risk Management

* Doctorate Outline *
(Focus: Applied Mathematics)

History, Philosophy and Sociology of Mathematics
Adv. Applied Mathematics I: Modelling
Mathematical Methods in Artificial Intelligence
Linear Algebra
Time Series Analysis
Complex Variables I
Adv. Mathematics II: Ordinary Differential Equations
Analysis II
Numerical Methods I
Adv. Applied Mathematics III: Partial Differential Equations
Foundations in Mathematical Biology
Analytical Computational Neuroscience
Regression Analysis Methods
Statistical Inference
Asymptotic Methods



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