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Faculty of Commerce

Faculty of Commerce

Crown University

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The study of money exchanges, stimulation of the economy and transferring of goods between entities.

Some of the more popular courses undertaken:


The measurement and disclosure of information to assist governments and businesses make informed decisions on the allocation of resources and determination of taxes due. Accounting also allows the financial health of an organization to be measured accurately, thereby foreseeing possible trends.


Distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over electronic medium such as the internet and computer networks.


Studies evolving around the provision of goods and services in the marketplace, and the change in price of products and services as supply and demand change in proportion to each other. The study of choices available focusing on measurable variables. Microeconomics concentrates on the individual units such as households and businesses. Macroeconomics is the broader study of the economy as a whole and how it ties in with individual units.

Banking and Finance

Address the ways in which individuals, businesses and governments raise, allocate and use monetary resources. The study of money and assets and their control by owners

Banking involves institutions that hold a "banking license" as issued by local and state governments. The study of deposits, loans and regulations of the banking industry.




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